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We offer many services, as a package or a la carte as your concierge. Join our exclusive community of South Florida homeowners and take the final steps toward peace of mind by partnering with the leading property management team dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Property Management

Our Home Inspection Services Include:

  • Check bathrooms, including sink, tubs/showers, toilets, faucets.
  • Check kitchen faucet, garbage disposable, refrigerator, water heater, dishwasher, washer/dryer, heat pump, and water filters.
  • light fixtures
  • Electrical panel
  • Fans and exhaust devices
  • Internet/phone lines
  • Home security, home entertainment systems
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (replace batteries as needed)
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Pool Service
  • Pest Control
  • Landscaping
  • Periodic inspection of garage/gate doors for signs of wear and tear and schedule repairs as needed.

Our HVAC assistance service provides comprehensive home maintenance, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

We handle monthly filter replacements, monitor your home’s settings and humidity levels, and change thermostat batteries to keep your systems running smoothly.

Our storm preparation and recovery service ensures your home is fully protected and quickly restored post-storm.

We check your roof, maintain generators, and secure windows, screens, doors, outdoor furniture, and loose items. We also cover your pools and fire pits with screens. Post-storm, we assess and clean up any damage, providing before-and-after property videos for your records.

If repairs are needed, we offer detailed proposals to efficiently restore your home to its original state, offering you a hassle-free, comprehensive solution for storm management.

Property Maintenance

A&W offers comprehensive interior and exterior inspections to ensure every aspect of your property is just as you want it.

We can check all home and property entrances, light fixtures, appliances, and more.

We have strong ties with elite local providers, ensuring top-notch service for every aspect of your estate.

Experience luxury and peace of mind as we handle everything with unparalleled efficiency and elegance, tailored to the high standards of our discerning clientele.

Offering a diverse range of personal assistance tailored to your everyday needs. We take care of routine tasks like mail checking, ensuring you stay updated with your correspondence.

For those seeking a more organized living or working space, our organization and decluttering services transform chaos into order. We also handle package drop-offs, adding convenience to your busy schedule. Beyond these essentials, our team is skilled in light interior decorating, helping to refresh and beautify your spaces.

This comprehensive suite of services is designed to simplify your life, giving you more time to enjoy the things that matter most.

Our service offers a seamless and full-spectrum experience in holiday lighting and decoration.

We begin by designing bespoke lighting and decoration plans tailored to your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your space. Following the design, our skilled team takes charge of the installation, ensuring that each element is placed for maximum aesthetic impact and safety.

Once the holiday season is over, we also handle the careful removal and maintenance of the decorations, ensuring they are kept in pristine condition for future use. This all-encompassing approach ensures a hassle-free, delightful holiday experience for our clients.

Travel, Health & Safety

Prior to Arrival, we will turn on the main water valves, stock the refrigerator with clients’ favorites, home cleaning by request, cars on property if stored elsewhere, preferred A/C temperature set, plus any other specific instructions.

For your upcoming flight, our exclusive property management service ensures everything is impeccably prepared. Post departure, we’ll efficiently shut off the water main to safeguard your property. The refrigerator will be carefully emptied to avoid any spoilage while you’re away.

We’ll thoroughly secure all doors and windows, ensuring your home remains safe and protected in your absence. A detailed perimeter walk will be conducted to verify that all gates and doors are securely locked.

Lastly, we’ll take care of your luxury vehicles, including cars, boats, motorcycles, and watercrafts, making sure they are properly & securely stored so they’re safe while you’re away and ready when you return.

Our luxury vehicle management service caters to discerning clients with high-end cars, boats, motorcycles, and jet skis.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and detailing to ensure each vehicle is in impeccable condition. Our team handles all aspects of scheduling for services and maintenance, ensuring your vehicles maintenance is always done on schedule.

With a focus on convenience and excellence, we want to make sure that every vehicle is prepared for use at a moment’s notice, reflecting the highest standards of luxury and readiness that meet our clients standards.

At A&W Property Concierge we look after not just your home but also your family. Is your living environment safe? There are many reasons why your home environment can make you sick.

Our Team can identify concerns that are not immediately evident. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

Special Projects

Do you have a project in mind? Allow us to be your dedicated vendor liaison. Entrust us with the oversight of any repairs or upgrades to your home. We’ll serve as your on-site eyes and ears, offering detailed documentation and regular updates on every phase of the project.

We’re here to promptly answer your questions, liaise with contractors, and guarantee that your projects are completed on schedule. Our role extends to managing the project budget, ensuring all necessary permits are obtained, and verifying that everything passes inspection.

Unsure of who to contact for specific services? We’ve got you covered there too! Our extensive network includes a range of carefully selected and thoroughly vetted vendors, all readily accessible to meet your needs.

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Our Mission

At A&W Property Concierge, our clients can expect an unparalleled service experience and world-class service that will exceed your expectations.

Our services are focused on being exceptional, professional, trustworthy, and responsible, with the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and customer care. We treat each visit to your home with the same care and respect as we would expect at our home.

We offer packages designed to protect, maintain, and service your home to meet your needs.

Our services are fully customized and integrated for each client and address all aspects of everyday living. In staying true to our mission and beliefs, we bring value, intention, and care to everything we do for our clients.

- Ana & Wolfgang

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